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撮影・編集は映像作家の足利 広さん、ダンサーの奥野美和さんという素晴らしい2人に参加いただき、一つの映像作品ができました。

“ It would be difficult to meet somebody lightly, so I thought I wanted to write a letter. “

This is the concept of my new work.

I’m glad to If I can send this work as a letter to someone I haven’t seen for a while.

That’s why I named it “ letter “.

Mr. Hiroshi Ashikaga who film shooted and edited and Ms. Miwa Okuno who danced in this video work.

These amazing creators collaboration had made this video.


田中悠宇吾 Yugo Tanaka シタール奏者




Sitar Yugo Tanaka


Dance Miwa Okuno


Film Hiroshi Ashikaga


Guest Musicians

Shoichi Yamada /Bass

Junzo Tateiwa /Percussion


撮影協力:Cafe MURIWUI

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