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「Another Perspective」 の北インド古典音楽のJhaptaalという10拍子のサイクルを基に振付されたダンサーOBAの表現にフォーカスしたもう一つの視点を再編集。

“ It would be difficult to meet somebody lightly, so I thought I wanted to write a letter. “ Based on the 10-beat cycle of North Indian classical music called Jhaptaal, I reconstructed the theme from another perspective.

Video artist Hiroshi Ashikaga, dancer OBA, and tabla player Yui Morikami participated in the filming and editing of this video work.



田中悠宇吾 Yugo Tanaka シタール奏者


Another Perspective

Sitar Yugo Tanaka

Choreograph & Dance OBA


Tabla Yui Morikami


Film Hiroshi Ashikaga


Guest Musicians

Shoichi Yamada /Bass

Yui Morikami/Tabla


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